Computer Science and Information Technology


Issue 1 (Jul - Dec 2016)

Issue 2 (Jan - Jul 2017)

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology was established in the year 1999. Initially the department introduced the Under Graduate Program in 1999; later in 2006 the Post Graduate Program was launched. Over the past few years, the department has acquired National and International Importance, which is achieved by the collective and responsible efforts of the faculty and the students.

Presently, it offers:

  • Associative Degree Programs  
    • Management Information System
    • Information Science & Technology
    • Computer Science majors
  • Bachelor degree programs  
    • Management Information System
    • Information Science & Technology
    • Computer Science majors
  • Master degree program (M.Tech.)
    • Computer Science.

The department has well qualified faculty and staff members. The Department follows principles to maintain the quality of Teaching and Research. At present, the department has 20 faculty members in all, with 7 PhD and 13 Master qualifications. The department periodically conducts seminars, workshops, faculty induction program and industrial visit for the benefit of staff and students.


To be in forefront of technology and innovation of Computer Science that permeates all modern endeavors in academia aimed towards betterment of society and developing the ways to success through IT.


Our mission, as a constituent unit in the academic mission of the Mazoon College, is to:

  • Design, implement, and modernize a high quality educational environment in computer science that contributes to knowledge in fundamental and applied areas.
  • Maintain an awareness of current needs, and anticipated future needs of the community by recognizing the growing interdisciplinary nature of computer science. 
  • Provide undergraduate education with a strong background in the fundamentals of computer science to foster intellectual maturity, to emphasize knowledge that is relevant to technological and business needs, and to prepare the student for advanced studies.
  • Promote graduate education with a leading edge research in the major areas of computer science and to educate students with an enriched research experience relevant to an industrial or academic career.

Graduate Attributes

  • Be able to use a range of programming languages and tools to develop computer programs and systems that are effective solutions to problems.
  • Be able to understand, design, and analyze precise specifications of algorithms, procedures, and interaction behavior.
  • Be able to apply mathematics, logic, and statistics to the design, development, and analysis of software systems.
  • Be equipped with a range of fundamental principles of computer science that will provide the basis for future learning and enable them to adapt to the constant rapid development of the field.
  • Have experience of working in teams to build software systems.

Staff Directory

S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Extn Email ID
1 Dr. A. Mohamed Abbas HOD 337,
3 Dr. Mohammed Jameel Hashmi Assistant Professor & Acting Head, Quality Assurance Dept. 310
4 Dr. M.S. Saleem Basha Assistant Professor & Research Centre Incharge 318
5 Mr. Abdul Muqtadir Lecturer 346
6 Mr. Mohammad Arshad Lecturer 346
7 Dr. Mohammad Aftab Alam Assistant Professor 346
8 Mr. Meble Varghese Lecturer 346
9 Ms. RajRani Inderpal Gupta Lecturer 313
10 Ms. Gazala Yusufi Lecturer 313
11 Ms. Rowaida Al-Abdullah Lecturer 346
12 Mr. Abdullah Akhtar Lecturer 356
13 Dr. Mohammed Daiyan Assistant Professor 389
14 Mr. Mohammed Nasar Lecturer 346
15 Dr. Shamsher Khan Assistant Professor 346
16 Mr. Kareemullah Shiek Lecturer 346
17 Ms. Nadia Khalique Lecturer 346
18 Dr. Toukeer Khan Lecturer 346