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    All registered users are entitled to borrow materials from the library. Users are responsible for safe return of the materials borrowed from library. 


    Borrowing Materials:

    Borrowing privileges may differ depending upon the member category. Students and administrative staff can borrow 3 books for a period of two weeks. If required, these books can be reissued for a further period of two weeks, if they are not reserved by any other library user.

    Faculty can borrow three General Books for two weeks. They can get these books reissued, if required, for another twoweeks, if they are not reserved by any other library user. Faculty can also borrow five Text Books for the whole semester.

    Returning the Materials:

    erials are to be returned to the library on or before the due date stamped. Late fine at the rate of Baiza 200/- per day from students and Baiza 300/- per day from faculty and staff will be imposed for overdue materials.


    On expiry of the loan period, library materials may be renewed once if they are not reserved by any other library user. 


    If a library user wishes to borrow an item currently under circulation, he/she can reserve the item at the Circulation Desk. The user will be intimated once the item is returned to the library. This item will be re-shelved if it is not picked up within three days after intimation.

    Lost or Damaged items

    Borrowers will be required to replace the lost or damaged item(s) of the collection with a new copy or to pay double the cost of the item plus other amounts decided by the library.

    General Library Rules

    • All users are required to abide by the Rules of the library.
    • All mobile phones must be deactivated/set at silent mode before entering the library
    • Any personal belongings (i.e. books, bags, purses, parcels etc.) are to be kept at the place designated for the purpose
    • Library users must not change the configuration of computers or any other equipment in the library for personal preference or personal advantage
    • Library users must not damage, mark or deface any library material or equipment
    • Users must comply with the provisions of the intellectual property rights