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    Psychology and the life

    Psychology and the life

    Date : 2017-12-02

    The workshop “Psychology and the life’’ was conducted by Dr. Esam Abdul Majeed Al lawati Assistant professor of psychology ( on Tuesday 28/11/2017), Faculty of Business & Economics Department, at Hial Al Awamer School for girls (10-12). Dr. Esam Explain the meaning of psychology then Dr. Esam explains how psychology starts in Antiquity from ancient Greeks up to current days, also he highlight at objectives of psychology sciences and he explain the role of psychology sciences in human life. Also, he highlight at career opportunities for psychology graduates from Mazoon College.

    About 50 students attended this workshop and at the end of the workshop, students asked interesting questions about psychology science to Dr. Esam and he answers all student questions. At the end, dr. Esam honored school principle with the certificate issued by Dr. Said Eid, Dean of Mazoon College, present through Dr. Esam for for their fruitful cooperation with Mazoon College.   

    Dr. Esam A Majeed Al –Lawati

    Assistant professor of psychology

    Business & Economics Department


    قسم علم النفس بكلية مزون يشرح تخصصاته لطالبات مدرسة حيل العوامر

    قام الدكتور عصام اللواتي من قسم علم النفس بالكلية ومحمد عليان من قسم التسويق بكلية مزون بزيارة ميدانية إلى مدرسة حيل العوامر للبنات قدم فيها د. عصام شرحا تعريفيا عن قسم علم النفس بكلية مزون ومن جانبه قام محمد عليان باستعراض البرامج والتخصصات المطروحة بالكلية والخدمات المقدمة للطالب .



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