Events List

Career Advisory Services organized a workshop on   “Entrepreneurship” on  4 Oct, 2017.  Mr. Qais Al Balushi, Trainer, SME Development Fund was the speaker of the event.  The program was convened by Dr. Jameela   Khatoon, Career Advisory Services. Around 70 students attended the programme. The focus of the workshop was to make the students understand what does entrepreneurship means and what the need of   it in Omani society.

Dr. Said  Eid  Younes, Dean, Mazoon College highlighted the importance of the workshop and suggested the students to come up with this skill of “Entrepreneurship. Mr. Qais Al Balushi, also emphasized about the significance of Entrepreneurship. He informed the students about the facilities the SME is providing the students to start up their business. There were various activities being done by the students, which made the program more interactive and interesting. Students came up with their idea of opening the business in different areas, like e-parking, coffee café, and many more.



 Dr ,Ouawis  presented the  Certificate of Appreciation to the speaker and  a Vote of Thanks was given by Dr. Jameela Khatoon, Career Advisory Services



Essentials of Organizational Behavior

Department of Business and Economics conducted a seminar on essentials of organizational behavior, dated 04.10.17, from 4:30 to 5:30 a.m. in Room 301.

Prof. Dr. Pramod Pathak from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Dhanbad, India was invited as a speaker for the seminar. The dean of the college, faculty members, and post graduate students attended the seminar.

The speaker explained the basics of organizational behavior by giving some good real-life examples. He discussed concepts of behavior, learning, attitude, motivation, emotional quotient that are the fundamentals to understand the behavior of individuals in an organization.  It was an interactive session. The students enjoyed the workshop by putting up their queries before him.

The Dean, Dr. Said Eid Younes, awarded the token of Appreciation to Professor Dr. Pramod Pathak. The workshop ended by the Vote of Thanks from the MBA program Coordinator Dr. Shamseen Raza.

The Dangers of Drugs and Psychotropic Substances to Humans

In cooperation with the royal Oman police , the student affairs Department organizes a lecture on the dangers of drugs and psychotropic substances to humans on Monday 02/10/2017 from 09:30 am to 10:30 am in Hall ( A ) on the first floor .



Workshop on "INMA" Leadership program by SME

A workshop was organized by SME Fund on “INMA Leadership Program on 26, Sep, 2017 in Hormuz
Hotel from 9:00 a.m. -2:00 p.m. The SME invited the students of Mazoon College. The program was
coordinated with the Dr.Jameela Khatoon, Career Advisory Services. The selection of students was done
by Mr.Jehad Jabarin, Students Affairs and four students were selected, namely –
1. Mohammed Rashed Al Hinai,
2. Aqpas Ali aamer AL –Riyami,
3. Shekha Ahmed Al Harthy
4. Abrar Al Alawi , with Economics , MIS and English as their majors, respectively.
Dr.Jameela Khatoon along with the students attended the workshop.
The workshop started with a key note speech by the Chief Guest Dr. P. Mohammed Ali. He
emphasized the role of youth in building a strong and vibrant SME Ecosystem in Oman. He focused that
the youths should come up with the new ideas and takes the initiative to start their own business. He
emphasized on the “Jihad” factor among youths and “No work is small” should be the perspective in
mind to become an entrepreneur.

Mr. Raphael Parambi, Adviser of SMEF, highlighted the fostering of entrepreneurial vision in campuses.
He also said it is very important that the concept of “Entrepreurship” should not be limited to books but
should go beyond it.

Mr. Eyhab Al-Hajj, Co-Founder, Mana Managing Director, Prosper, with his examples made the students
understand the importance of Entrepreneurial leadership in colleges.
A talk on the importance of building effective team in e-club was delivered by Prof. Ahmed bin
Mohammed Al-Naamany Dean of Modern College of Business and Sciences.

The workshop had Q& A sessions. There were participants who were entrepreneurs and they discussed
and asked the problems they had faced.
One of the students of Mazoon College, Abrar Al Alawi was interviewed by one of the Newspaper
Reporter, Al Wataniyah, to throw light on the importance of Entrepreurship. The workshop had different
activities to be done by the students like creating E-Club logo, analyzing the negative traits, which made
the workshop more interactive. There was then making up of E-Clubs. The workshop ended with the Vote
of Thanks.
The future benefits of this workshop will enable the students of Mazoon College to start an E Club in the
college and make them aware of the effectiveness of it. It will promote entrepreneurship skills among the
youth which will help in the growth of the economy.

Master Orientation program

Report on Orientation Program for MBA and M.Tech Students – Fall 2017

Department of Business & Economics and Department of Computer Science conducted the orientation program for the new students enrolled in MBA and M. Tech program dated 27.09.17, from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m. in Room 301. 


The program was initiated by the recitation of Holy Quran followed by a welcome note by the Dean, Dr. Said Eid Younis. Dr. Said welcomed the new students and gave a motivational speech. The head of Business & Economics department, Dr. U. Husain, then highlighted about the institution and the MBA program to the students. The head of Computer Science department, Dr. Mohammed Abbas also explained about the M.Tech Program to the students. Dr. Suhaila Abbas felicitated the program by sharing her thoughts. The program was convened by Dr. Shamseen Raza, MBA Program Coordinator.

The program was concluded by the Vote of Thanks from Dr. Shamseen Raza followed by refreshments where the students had a good interactive session with the faculty members. Students were provided with the college kit and also asked to have a tour of the campus.

Upcoming Events

Oct 01
Call for paper - Mazoon International Journal of Science and Technology

We are pleased to inform you that MIJST is going to launch its issue. We would like to invite you to contribute your Research Paper for publication in MIJST. Papers published in MIJST will receive very high publicity and reputation.

Oct 02
Workshop on "Entrepreneurship"

Career Advisory Services is organizing a workshop on "Entrepreneurship" on 2 October 2017, In Hall A from 10:30-12:00 A.M. Mr.Qais Al Balushi, Training Development Officer, SME Fund, will be the speaker.

Oct 02
Lecture on "Dangers of Drugs"

Awareness lecture on the dangers of drugs by the Royal Oman Police on Monday 2/10/2017 from 11:30 pm to 12:30 pm at first floor ( Hall A ).

Oct 04
Elections of The Student Advisory Council

Announcement of the commencement of the elections of the Student Advisory Council.

Oct 25
12th Fiap Club's World Cup

Students wishing to participate in the ( 12th Fiap Club's World Cup ) may come to the students' affairs.

Nov 07
Seminar on "Cloud Computing"

Department of CS & IT is organizing Seminar on "Cloud Computing" on 07/11/2017.

Nov 15
Seminar on "Introduction to Augmented Reality"

Department of CS & IT is organizing Seminar on "Introduction to Augmented Reality" on 15/11/2017.

Nov 30
Seminar on "Python Programming"

Department of CS & IT is organizing a Seminar on "Python Programming" on 30/11/2017.

Dec 04
Seminar on "Information Security"

Department of CS & IT is organizing Seminar on "Information Security" on 04/12/2017.

Dec 19
Seminar on "Cutting Edge Technologies to E-Commerce"

Department of CS & IT is organizing a Seminar on "Cutting Edge Technologies to E-Commerce" on 19/12/2017..