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     Dr. Jameela Khatoon was invited to deliver a talk in the seminar on Research writing and publication on 3, May, 2018, in Nizwa College of Technology. The seminar was organized by the Business Studies Department of Nizwa College of Technology. Around 50 faculties of the department attended the seminar. The seminar was convened by Ms. Sangeetha TR. The Ho D of the Department Mr. Ibrahim Ali Saleh Al Aamri welcomed the resource person. Dr Jameela Khatoon delivered the talk highlighting the importance of research writing and publication. She briefed about the different styles of referencing and common errors done while writing a research paper and referencing. Mr. Mohammed Kutpudeen delivered the Vote of Thanks. Dr. Arif, HoD, Business Studies Department gave token of appreciation to the resource person.

    A Workshop on Using Technology in Teaching Writing in GFP

    The General Foundation Program conducted a workshop on Using Technology in Teaching Writing from 8:30 to 10:00 am on 26th April 2018 in the Multimedia Lab on the Ground Floor in the College premises. The workshop was facilitated by Mr. Wayne Williams, who is an English language instructor in GFP. Mr. Williams guided the audience through one of his lesson plans to demonstrate integrating technology into teaching Writing and to illustrate adopting task-based teaching in eliciting ideas from students at the pre-writing stage. PowerPoint presentations, video clips, sound bites, images are few of the varied technological options that could be beneficial in teaching paragraph and essay writing. It has been decided that the PowerPoint slides that introduce each writing genre should be uploaded on class folders, so students can conveniently have an access to them. At the end of the workshop, Mr. El-Amin, the Head of the General Foundation Program, wrapped the session up, by recognizing the effort of the facilitator, outlining an action plan to implement the recommendations of the workshop, and announcing the upcoming staff development events.



    Career Advisory Services organized an awareness talk  on Perception-Understanding your understanding in Caledonian College on 24.4.18 with the students of Psychology. Ms. Nadia Al Barwani, Head, Student Counselling arranged the event. The students presented a talk on perception and emphasized the relation of perception with stress. The purpose of the event was to provide community service and awareness on psychological phenomenon of perception effecting the whole personality and behavior of the individual to the students and staff of Caledonian College. The program was fruitful as the participants asked to organize and make them aware of more psychological aspects having an impact on their behavior. They further requested to deliver a talk on Time Management. The Manager, Students Affairs, Mr. Ahmed Al Zadjali,Caledonian College presented a token of appreciation to Dr. Jameela Khatoon, Head, Career Advisory Services, Mazoon College. The students were also awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by Ms. Nadia Al Barwani.


    A Workshop on "Translation Teaching Methods"

    Department of English, in cooperation with Dept. of English in Al Zahra College organized a workshop on “Translation Teaching Methods Exchange” on 18.4.2018 in Hall A. About 40 students from Mazoon College and 20 students from Al Zahraa College, English major students, participated in it.

    Dr. Sharmila, HOD of English Dept., started the workshop welcoming Ms. Sharifa Al Rawahi,a lecturer from Al Zahraa College, and her students. Then she requested Ms. Sharifa to give her presentation on Translation Teaching Methods adopted by their department in Al Zahraa College. Ms. Sharifa gave a brief presentation about the methods of teaching used by her and other lecturers in Al Zahraa College and showed some samples of her students’ works.

    After that, Ms. Abeer Jaradat gave her presentation about the translation teaching methods followed by our department in Mazoon College by giving examples from our translation courses in Mazoon College. After that, she gave the opportunity to the students from both colleges to translate a worksheet prepared by her including some phrases and idioms and requested them to finalize their translations within ten minutes.

     Ms. Abeer and Ms. Sharifa started asking the students about their translation and encouraged them to participate in giving their own translation even if they are not sure about it till they obtained the ideal translations of all phrases included in the worksheet and shared the final translation with all students. The students and teachers from both sides were very excited and interactive in this theoretical practical workshop.

    Then, the students were given the chance to raise their questions to Ms. Abeer or to Ms. Sharifa to have full answers for their inquiries or any ambiguous or difficult issues about translation in their minds. Several students participated and interacted in the QA session and found answers for their questions.

    At the end, Ms. Abeer gave a vote of thanks to Ms. Sharifa and her students from Al Zahraa College and to our students in Mazoon College and all participants and she accompanied the visitors to Hall B where they had some snacks and refreshments.



    Career Advisory Services organized first industrial & community gathering , on 10.4.18. Around 11 companies had been invited. The Dean, Dr. Said Eid Younes, appreciated the effort taken by CAS and he added that he encourages such programs that have great benefit for college students. In the gathering were present the President of Alumni Association, Mr Khalid Al Hinai and the Vice-President , Mr Hamza AL Ghilani. Different clubs of Mazoon College also participated in the gathering.

    MR. Mohammed Al-Qasmi, an international trainer, was the guest speaker. He enriched the program effectively and he provided very important tips of how to be successful manager. The students interaction gave a positive impression which made the program very interesting and useful at the same time .

    In this gathering both parties were beneficiaries. On the company side , they introduced themselves to the students and provided them the basic work done by the company. As well as the companies got a chance to communicate closely with students and know the requirements of the students who will be working  in the near  future. On the other side , the gathering was an opportunity for the students to know about the companies, the conditions for employment , training opportunities and nature of the work . The gathering was very fruitful and informative for the students and alumni also.

    The program was ended by vote of thanks from Dr. Jameela  Khatoon. The certificate of Appreciation was awarded by the Dean to the participating companies.


    Upcoming Events

    Oct 01
    Call for paper - Mazoon International Journal of Science and Technology

    We are pleased to inform you that MIJST is going to launch its issue. We would like to invite you to contribute your Research Paper for publication in MIJST. Papers published in MIJST will receive very high publicity and reputation.

    Oct 02
    Workshop on "Entrepreneurship"

    Career Advisory Services is organizing a workshop on "Entrepreneurship" on 2 October 2017, In Hall A from 10:30-12:00 A.M. Mr.Qais Al Balushi, Training Development Officer, SME Fund, will be the speaker.

    Oct 02
    Lecture on "Dangers of Drugs"

    Awareness lecture on the dangers of drugs by the Royal Oman Police on Monday 2/10/2017 from 11:30 pm to 12:30 pm at first floor ( Hall A ).

    Oct 04
    Elections of The Student Advisory Council

    Announcement of the commencement of the elections of the Student Advisory Council.

    Oct 25
    12th Fiap Club's World Cup

    Students wishing to participate in the ( 12th Fiap Club's World Cup ) may come to the students' affairs.

    Nov 07
    Seminar on "Cloud Computing"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing Seminar on "Cloud Computing" on 07/11/2017.

    Nov 15
    Seminar on "Introduction to Augmented Reality"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing Seminar on "Introduction to Augmented Reality" on 15/11/2017.

    Nov 30
    Seminar on "Python Programming"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing a Seminar on "Python Programming" on 30/11/2017.

    Dec 04
    Seminar on "Information Security"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing Seminar on "Information Security" on 04/12/2017.

    Dec 19
    Seminar on "Cutting Edge Technologies to E-Commerce"

    Department of CS & IT is organizing a Seminar on "Cutting Edge Technologies to E-Commerce" on 19/12/2017..