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Brief Introduction

The Mazoon College Research Centre is a collective of all the faculties and the student in the Mazoon College. Where the researches are undertaken in various fields of research such as the focus into the main domain of business, computer & I, and English and has a remarkable research in the past few years. We focus on the early stages of research areas to improve the professional and the academic strength and well-being of students and the faculties over the course of academic career. We seek to enable a professional research activates to fund the researchers.


The Vision Is To Achieve Life-Time Research for All Students and Faculties, Through Research Excellence


The mission is to deliver world-class advances in knowledge to the expected audience of Business, Computer and English majors and to adhere the policies and procedure laid by the Management and practice that will improve the professional qualities of the college, student, faculties and the communities.


The main objective of the Research Centre is provide assistance and support in terms of Funds and the resources to the Students and the Faculties in-house and outside.  To enhance the research culture among the students and the faculties  To provide guidance and support for the research conducted by the students and the faculties.  To provide assistance to publish their work inside and outside of the college  To provide training program to the students and the faculties for the research activities.  To extend the research support offered by the external bodies.  To provide resources and facilities to conduct research.

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About the TRC

Research has been recognized as one of the major responsibilities of academic institutes. To enhance the university’s value amongst students, faculty, industry etc. and to bring together the work of lone researchers, to encourage, guide and motivate faculty and students towards research, there is an increased need of establishing Scientific Research Centre at Mazoon College. This Research Centre would not only provide a huge opportunity to foster and encourage the creativity of young researchers and entrepreneurs in Sultanate of Oman but will provide a collaboration platform to global researchers, thus bringing together ideas for novel innovation, invention, and businesses.

To build a high-quality research unit, capable of creating interdisciplinary global researches for sustainable society inculcating achievement of economic and social development.

Our mission is to build a scientific repository of knowledge and promote interdisciplinary research addressing the contemporary issues related to Omani economic, social and cultural needs and requirements


Mazoon College Students have made a remarkable achievements in their career.

Ms. Khalsa AL Rhumhi

Dept. of Computer Science

The M.Tech Student Ms. Khalsa Humaid Abdullah Al Rumhi under the supervision of Dr. M.S.Saleem Basha, developed an algorithm and tested in prototype for solving the Load Balancing between LIFI and WIFI with hybrid version of Cell Breathing (Load Distribution) and MinMax theorem (for decision taking) approach. The way she explained the findings was deserves applause, which is reflected and published in many newspapers in Gulf Region (namely, Al Shabeeba, Oman News, Al Barzha, The 7th Day, Sublet Oman, Al Academia, Gulf Eyes etc.)

Mr. Talib Ali

Dept. of Computer Science

The M.tech Student Mr. Talib Ali Al saidi under the supervision of Dr. M.S.Saleem Basha, developed an adaptive and full response online system for Transportation booking and Management system for the Ministry of Education in the Al Batinah North region. Which was appreciated and requested to use the application.


Mr. Nizar Al Jabri and Mr. Yousuf Al Qasmi

Dept. of Computer Science

Mr. Nizar Ali Al Jabri and Mr. Yousuf Salim Al Qasmi have created the new software for “Calculating CGPA (Student Version)” with the support from Research Centre, Mazoon College. The sofware is very helpful to the students to calculate / predict the CGPA. which helps to plan their work plan to concentrate on the academic schedules to secure more grades to get rid of probation notices. This software also help the advisors to advise the students. The copy of software is available in Students Affairs Department for the benefit of the students. and requested to use the application.

Ms. Zainab Fathima Ali and Ms. Fahmida Haque

Dept. of Computer Science

The CS & IT Students, Ms. Zainab Fathima Ali and Ms. Fahmida Haque were participated in INVENT’17 – Technofest Event organized by the Faculty of Information Technology, Majan College on 20th March 2017. They won the FIRST PRIZE TROPHY in WEB DESIGN and also participated in Build a PC and Poster Design..


Our Team

Dr. Juma Saleh Al-Ghailani

Managing Director

Dr. Jamal Dawood Salman

Director of Research

Dr. Saleem Basha

Head of Research

Dr. Suhaila Abbas

Member of Research Committee, Department of Business & Economics

Dr. Bakhtair

Member of Research Committee, Department of English

Mr. Kareemullah Shaikh

Member of Research Committee, Department of Computer Science

Mr. Praveen

Member of Research Committee, Department of GFP