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Workshop on 'American Literature'

The workshop on ‘Contemporary Trends in American Literature’ was conducted by Department of English on 20/12/2017 in Hall B at 2.30 pm. Dr. Kristen Hemmy, Assistant Professor, Sultan Qaboos University, Department of English Language, Literature & Translation was the presenter. The seminar started with the welcome address given by Dr. Sharmila Bhattacharjee, Head of English Department. Dr. Kristen Hemmy commenced the workshop by giving some brief details about the history of American Literature by providing some sample works for each period. This workshop also explored approaches of “Creative Writing: Teaching Poetry as Archive” and addressed the question of how to make the students practice creative writing. She also gave information about websites and communities where the students can publish their literary works. Dr. Kristen Hemmy also spoke about planning, delivering and assessing the effectiveness of lectures in American Literature courses. The workshop concluded with an interactive discussion and question-answer session.

More than 80 students from 23 countries studying at the Mazon College

أكد جهاد جبارين مدير شؤون الطلاب بكلية مزون أن الكلية تمكنت خلال فترة وجيزة من الزمن استقطاب طلاب من خارج السلطنة للدراسة بها وكشف جبارين أن هناك عددا لا يقل عن 80 طالبا من الأجانب يدرسون بالكلية من 23 دولة مثل الأردن وفلسطين والإمارات والسعودية وأمريكا والهند وباكستان والجزائر ومصر وتنزانيا والسودان ونيجيريا وايران وسوريا والصين وتركيا وبنجلاديش واليمن وفنزويلا ولبنان وبلغاريا والعراق والمغرب . وقال مدير شؤون الطلاب بكلية مزون أن رصانة البرامج المطروحة والارتباط الأكاديمي مع جامعة عريقة ساهمت بدور فعال في استقطاب هؤلاء الطلاب . وأضاف جبارين أن هذا التعدد في جنسيات الطلبة الدارسيم يخلق بيئة جامعية تنافسية ويجعل من احتكاك هؤلاء الطلبة في الكلية فرصة لتعدد الثقافات وبالتالي ثراء المعارف الطلابية .

An Orientation Presentation to the 3rd Level Students in GFP on Academic Registration

Under the supervision of Dr. Mohamed Abbas, the Head of the Computer Science and Information Technology Department, the Admission and Registration Department conducted an orientation presentation on Academic Registration on 13th December 2017 in Hall A on the First Floor. At the beginning, Mr. Mohamed El-Amin, the Head of the General Foundation Program, briefly addressed the audience to encourage them to prioritize their awareness of the academic registration process. He also urged the students to work hard during this crucial transitional period between their GFP and academic studies. Ms. Thuraya Al-Abri, the Head of the Admission and Registration Department, gave a comprehensive and detailed account of the process of academic registration. Ms. Al-Abri’s presentation included discussing the Academic Calendar, academic advising, online registration, and students’ portals. Additionally, she drew the students’ attention to make the maximum use of the flexibility provided by the American educational system implemented at Mazoon College. At the end, Ms. Thuraya Al-Abri and Ms. Muna Babiker, an administrative staff member in the Admission and Registration Office, answered the students’ questions and enquiries.

Upcoming Events

Jan 21
Class Commencement for Spring 2018-(Associate & Bachelor)

Academic Class Commencement for Spring 2018 on 21/01/2018.

Jan 21
Class Commencement for Spring 2018 - Master

Class Commencement for Spring 2018 on 21/01/2018

Jan 22
Mazoon College Cup

The matches of the first round of the football tournament of “ Mazoon College Cup ” will start on Monday the 22nd of January 2018. 12 teams from different majors are expected to participate into two groups and there will be many awards for the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd winner teams and outstanding players.

Mazoon College

Mazoon College is a private academic institution that has operated under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education since 1997. It was established to provide higher education nationally and internationally in different fields. At present, it has thirteen programs at undergraduate level and three programs at postgraduate level. The College gives high school graduates, international students, and employees the chance to gain the educational skills and the high technology to cope with the ever-changing modern development. The College, from its first establishment, has made firm steps towards the qualitative development of its performance to provide prestigious services. It is also aware of the need to conduct full review and continuous evaluation of its progression. It always seeks to provide itself with high quality academic and administrative staff and the addition of new majors required by the community and to develop its already existing capabilities.

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  Job opportunities creators not job opportunities seekers graduates: this is what Mazoon College is working for

Dr. Said Eid Younes DEAN

  Anything can be changed in the world through Computer Technology ...

Dr.A.Mohamed Abbas HOD-Computer Science & IT

  Education is not preparation of Life, Education is life itself...

Dr. Owais Husain HOD – Business&Economics Department

  Student’s excelling in the General Foundation Program determines predominantly their academic success...

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  Diligence and hard work light the path towards a bright and successful future...

Dr. Sharmila HOD – English Department

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