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Latest Events

Seminar on "Information Security"

Seminar on “Information Security” was conducted by the Department of CS & IT on 11/12/2017 at C110 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. The program was convened by Dr.A.Mohamed Abbas, HOD CS&IT Dept. The introduction of the speakers and the importance of Information Security was given by Dr. A. Mohamed Abbas, HOD CS&IT Dept.  Followed by the introduction, the speaker started the Presentation on “Information Security”. About Information Security: Information Security is becoming increasingly important in today’s networked world and is impacting every aspect of society including finance, healthcare, government, education, arts and entertainment. The objective of this seminar is to teach the basic principles of Information Security from the perspective of providing security awareness and its best practices for the real world. Presentation Includes:             Discussion about Information Security Awareness reinforcing the essential Internet safety rules             a) Why Cyber Security is Important                 i) Preservation of CIA                 ii) Online transaction Security                 iii) Accountability                 iv) E-mail Security            b) Cyber usage at home and school                i) General Security ii) Ethics                iii) Safety                iv)Browser Settings                v) Incident response                vi)Instant messaging                vii) Copyrights                viii) Best Practices             c) User Credential Protection                  i) Passwords and Social Engineering             d) Personal Computer Security                 i) OS Updates                 ii) Antivirus settings                 iii) Anti spyware                 iv)Desktop firewall                 v) User accounts with limited privileges                  vi)  Physical Security                  vii) Data Backups and storage Seminar Highlights and Benefits to participants: Learn the threats and vulnerabilities in today’s digital world understand the basics of Internet & network tools Understand tools & techniques used by adversaries to launch intrusions. Learn to identify Internet fraud & be secured Gain knowledge  of the best practices for safe Internet transactions Learn principles of computer forensics & biometric security Learn the techniques in network security Learn the design techniques for security   Date: 11.12.2017             Time: 10.00 AM – 11:30 AM             Venue: C110   Convener Coordinator Speaker Dr. A. Mohamed Abbas HOD – CS & IT Mr. Md.  Arshad Lecturer, CS & IT 1. Dr. Md.Aftab Alam, Asst. Professor 2. Mr. Md.Arshad , Lecturer   

Exploring the Interdisciplinary Nature of Teaching English Language Skills

GFP conducted a workshop on Exploring the Interdisciplinary Nature of Teaching English Language Skills delivered by Mr. Moez Marrouchi in Hall B from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm on 7th December 2017. At the beginning of the staff development workshop, Mr. Mohamed El-Amin, the Head of the General Foundation Program, introduced the speaker, gave a general overview of the workshop, and encouraged the staff members to participate actively in the session. Mr. Moez Marrouchi, who is a GFP senior lecturer, started the session by reviewing the scholarly works related to the topic of the workshop. He also highlighted that English language skills whether they are receptive (listening and reading) or productive (speaking and writing) should be taught interactively. The theoretical part of the workshop was supported by samples from the textbooks taught in GFP as practical applications. At the end of the session, a thorough discussion that focused on the constituents and transitional dimensions of teaching English language skills took place.  

CS & IT Department - Industrial Visit

After the Midterm of  Fall 2017, the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology Mazoon College has arranged one day industrial visit for the undergraduate student to explore IT DEPT at AHLI BANK HEAD OFFICE, Muscat. The trip was an indispensable part of under graduate program that help students to get insights into the real world IT-Infrastructure where students try to get an exposure of the latest HARDWARE ,NETWORK & SOFTWARE technologies that students studies in the different course of the program. The Dept.Of IT hosts an state of the art Infrastructure which gives an Realistic feel of the learning technologies. Further the students gets an confidence of the areas which they can choose as their future career options. A group of 12 students from Mazoon College, led by the following faculty, had this unique opportunity to visit the IT-Infrastructure facility at Ahli Bank Head quarters.   DETAIL REPORT

Upcoming Events

Dec 12
workshop on "Supporting Small Business Development ? New Tools and Techniques"

Department Of Business & Economics is organizing workshop on  "Supporting Small Business Development – New Tools and Techniques" on 12/12/2017.

Dec 13
Free Eyes Test for Students

In cooperation with the Finland Eye Center, the Department of Student Affairs organizes a free eyes test for students, academics and administration staff on the 13th December from 09:00am to 03:00pm at Activity Hall/ Ground floor.

Dec 13
Teaching Writing to Peers at Mazoon College: Tips for Tutors

The English Club is organizing a workshop on ' Teaching Writing to Peers at Mazoon College: Tips for Tutors ' conducted by Dr. Bakhtiar Naghdipour on Wednesday, 13.12.17 at 2:30 p m in English Club room (C 317) .

Dec 19
Seminar on "Cutting Edge Technologies to E-Commerce"

  Department of CS & IT is organizing a Seminar on "Cutting Edge Technologies to E-Commerce" on 19/12/2017.

Dec 20
Students advisory Council elections

The organization committee of the "Students advisory Council elections" announced the 20th of December is the day of electing new members of the council for the academic year 2017/2018.

Mazoon College

Mazoon College is a private academic institution that has operated under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education since 1997. It was established to provide higher education nationally and internationally in different fields. At present, it has thirteen programs at undergraduate level and three programs at postgraduate level. The College gives high school graduates, international students, and employees the chance to gain the educational skills and the high technology to cope with the ever-changing modern development. The College, from its first establishment, has made firm steps towards the qualitative development of its performance to provide prestigious services. It is also aware of the need to conduct full review and continuous evaluation of its progression. It always seeks to provide itself with high quality academic and administrative staff and the addition of new majors required by the community and to develop its already existing capabilities.

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